William H. Edgerton, ASA (left) and Annie R. Edgerton, DipWSET, AAA Accredited (right)


With over 50 years of combined experience, the highly credentialed father-daughter team of William and Annie Edgerton can help with your wine and spirits appraisal and authentication needs, for:

  • Estate
  • Divorce
  • Insurance
  • Counterfeit Investigation
  • Cellar Management
  • Inventorying
  • Sale/Disposal Assistance

and more.

Getting Started With an Appraisal

Edgerton Wine AppraisalsThere is never a charge for an initial consultation, but when you discuss your requirements it would be helpful to know:

  • What is the purpose of the appraisal?
  • Is there an existing inventory of the wine or spirits, or will one need to be made?
  • Roughly what kinds of wine/spirits are included and what is the approximate quantity?
  • Has the wine been stored in temperature-control?

Wine appraisal pricing is based on the type of wine being appraised, whether or not the inventory is in computer-readable form, and determining how many singletons are on the list. On-site work, report writing, and so on is billed hourly. We can provide an approximate quote with our proposal, and in many cases, an exact figure.

If an inventory needs to be made we can arrange to have it done anywhere in the U.S., in many cases by local wine experts. We also have associates overseas. If wine has to be tasted to determine if storage has been adequate, tasting notes can be prepared or if shipping has to be done, detailed packing instructions will be provided.

Most appraisals can be completed promptly, and expedited service is available.

To inquire about an appraisal, contact us at: edgertonwine@me.com  or by telephone at: 203-856-8430.

About the Edgertons

William is an internationally-recognized expert in wine appraisal and counterfeit identification and has been certified as an Accredited Senior Wine Appraiser by the American Society of Appraisers. Annie is an Accredited Member of the Appraisers Association of America, she holds the Diploma in Wines and Spirits (Wine and Spirit Education Trust,) is a Certified Sommelier (Court of Master Sommeliers,) and is a Certified Specialist of Wine and Certified Specialist of Spirits (Society of Wine Educators.)

From 1989 to 2005 William Edgerton created and published the WINE PRICE FILE, the largest available listing of retail and auction prices of wine in print at that time, which was described by the renowned wine critic Robert M. Parker Jr., as “An essential source of current information on the value of fine wine.”

From 2006 through 2018 he founded and maintained the website www.wineauctionprices.com, which provided detailed results, including the number of bottles in each lot, from major cataloged wine auctions worldwide. This site was one of the world’s largest compilations of wine auction results available to the public and contained about 600,000 entries. After noting a boom in collectable spirits sales, he created the SPIRITS PRICE FILE in 2018, one of the largest databases of recent spirits auction prices.

Annie began assisting her father with appraisal work before she was legally able to drink. She has a background in performing, having appeared on Broadway, in regional theatres, on film and TV. She combines her presentational skills and wine expertise as a sought-after educator, and as a wine host on video and social media.

Both Edgertons have attended and presented numerous wine and spirit seminars and have authored articles and been quoted in various journals. William has travelled extensively in French, German, Italian, and Californian vineyards. Annie has visited vineyards across the US, France, Austria, Turkey, Portugal, and Sicily. Since 2009 she writes and maintains the Wine Minx blog.

Both have been heavily involved in the identification of counterfeit wines.

Detailed qualifications can be found HERE

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